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You can omit http:// and https:// when entering server address.

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Pocket Desk then tries to connect to the server and verify if it's a JIRA server and it has Pocket Desk Connector installed.


Pretty straightforward, just enter the account credentials that you're using to work with JIRA Service Desk.

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Once you are logged in successfully, Pocket Desk will , you will be prompted to select a Service Desk and a Queue and show you the current issue (or that the queue is empty), after which Pocket Desk will display the topmost issue from that queue.

If login is not successful, you may see one of the following messages:


If you need to log out or to change the to another user account, tap the Gear the Settings button at the top left bottom right corner of the application, scroll down and tap Log Out. You'll get This will take you back to the server selection screen.