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Is it possible to extend the evaluation period for JIRA Client?


  1. Quit JIRA Client if it is running.
  2. Copy a backed up version of config.xml file from the backup subdirectory of a workspace. Select the largest file because JIRA Client can have several new backups since the history had been lost.


    If the procedure described above do not help, we recommend to clear the database.


  1. Install the latest version of JIRA Client. (Do not use .zip archive or files that are named *_without_java*).
  2. In the installation directory, create a text file named using any text editor.
  3. In this file, put any command-line parameters and their values as parameter=value pairs, each pair on a new line.
  4. Specifically, to set the license key:
    1. Place license key file (let's say it's named jiraclient-company.license) in the installation directory.
    2. Put the following parameter in the file:

      Code Block
  5. Create a ZIP archive of all files in the installation directory and use it to redistribute the application.