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Structure.Pages Extension

Structure.Pages is an extension for Structure for Jira that lets you create, manage and organize Confluence pages alongside Jira issues right inside Structure.

Structure.Pages adds the following features to Structure:

  • Confluence pages as "items" in structures

  • Text- or CQL-based search for Confluence pages
  • Viewing all details of a Confluence page in the "Item Details" panel
  • Adding new Confluence pages from the Structure board
  • Editing and commenting on Confluence pages inside Structure
  • Automation: expanding hierarchy by adding all child pages from Confluence
  • Automation: expanding hierarchy by adding linked Confluence pages under issues
  • Updating Confluence space hierarchy through drag-and-drop in Structure
  • Update issue-to-page links through drag-and-drop in Structure

See User's Guide for more details.

Structure.Pages can be used with the Structure.Testy extension to have test checklists for Confluence.


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Structure.Pages is Now Available!


Live Demo

If login and password are requested, use demo/demo.

Marketplace Listing

Get more information about pricing and check out user reviews.


You can install the extension via the App Manager in Jira. If there is any trouble with downloads, you can always get it here.


JIRA7.613+ (all editions and Jira Data Center supported)
Confluence6.13 – 7.6.15+ (requires Structure.Pages Helper add-on)

Application links and additional configuration of the Confluence instance are required.