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Starting with a Different Workspace


This article is written for Deskzilla, but can equally be used for JIRA Client. Simply replace deskzilla with jiraclient where appropriate.

By running Deskzilla with different workspaces, you can work in different environments, similar to working with different documents in an editor.

Selecting Workspace with a Command-Line Parameter

To run Deskzilla with a different workspace, you can specify it as a command-line argument:

Operating System

Running Deskzilla


deskzilla.exe c:\my_workspace

Linux, Mac OS X

java -Xmx400m -jar deskzilla.jar /path/to/workspace

Selecting Workspace with Properties File

You can use properties file to select the workspace Deskzilla will start with. Create ( file in the same directory where Deskzilla is installed, and place a single line there. See examples below:
For MS Windows:

Code Block

If you use MS Windows don't forget to use double back slash in the path you provide.

For Mac OS X and Linux:

Code Block