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This section contains a complete reference of JIRA Client keyboard shortcuts:


Ctrl + N 

Create new issue

Ctrl + Shift + N

Create new sub-task

Enter or F4

Edit issue

Ctrl + F6

Upload all local changes to issues

Shift + F6

Upload changes to selected issues

Shift + F5

Download changes for selected issues

Ctrl + Alt + M

Merge conflicting changes

Shift + F3

Edit query

Ctrl + D

Create/edit distribution

Ctrl + F

Run quick text search within selected query

Alt + click a query or folder

Toggles whether child queries with no results are shown or hidden

Ctrl -(minus)

Remove selected options from distribution

Alt F9 (Meta Alt B on Macintosh)

Open query in web browser

Ctrl + F5

Run full synchronization

JIRA Client also runs quick synchronization once in several minutes.

For Selected Issues


Save Draft

Ctrl + Enter

Save and upload to JIRA


Open issue in browser

Ctrl =

Add comment

Ctrl S

Attach screenshot

Ctrl + Alt + F

Attach file

Ctrl + L

Create new link

Ctrl + [

Log work

Ctrl + W

Watch/stop watching issue

Ctrl + O

Vote/unvote for issue

Ctrl + T

Tag using local tags

Ctrl + Shift + =

Expand all comments

Alt + Enter

Open issue in a separate tab

Shift + Enter

Open issue in a separate window

Ctrl + C

Copy to clipboard paste to text as a URL

Ctrl + Shift + C

Copy issue key and summary to clipboard

Control + Shift + D

Download all attachments for selected issues

You can use drag-and-drop to move issues around and add more issues from other JIRA Client windows.

Working with Issues Table

Ctrl + E

Export issues to PDF, CSV, HTML or XML

Ctrl + Shift + F

Find text within issues table

Ctrl + ]

Select columns

Ctrl + F4

Close tab

Ctrl A

Select all

Ctrl + PgUp/PgDn

Previous/next tab


Ctrl + 1

Move focus to navigation tree

Ctrl + 2

Move focus to current issues table

Ctrl + 3

Move focus to current issue

Alt 1 .. Alt 9

Select section in the current issue view

Ordering Issues and Backlog Management

Ctrl + R

Open a window for reordering issues

Shift + Up/Down

Move issues one row up/down

Ctrl + Up/Down

Move issues to the top/bottom


Remove issue from ordered issues list

Time Tracking

Ctrl + M

Open time tracking window

Ctrl + Shift + M

Edit timesheet and publish as work logs


Change time the work started/was paused

Ctrl + 8

Start tracking time

Ctrl + 9

Pause work

Ctrl + 0

Stop work

Ctrl + G

Set selected issue as current work and start time tracking

Screenshot Editor

Alt + C


Alt + E


Alt + O


Alt + B


Alt + M


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