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You are viewing documentation for Structure Cloud. For Server or Data Center, see Structure Docs.

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Key Capabilities

The following features and capabilities are available in Structure Cloud.

  • Portfolio Management - assemble issues from multiple Jira projects for a big-picture view
  • Unlimited Hierarchies - create parent/child issue hierarchies of any depth
  • Custom Reporting - construct arbitrary, user-defined structures for different reporting purposes
  • Real-Time Updates with Automation: 
    • Automatically insert issues into a structure based on a JQL or text query
    • Automatically extend your hierarchy with linked issues
  • Folders - logically organize issues based on your specific requirements
  • Configurable Columns - view critical Jira data at a glance (see Working with Columns)
  • Aggregated Values - calculate the sum value of child issues for number and duration fields (see Working with Columns)
  • Progress Reporting - visually depict progress over linked issues (see Progress Column)
  • Inline Editing - edit text, number, status and assignee fields right in the structure, without switching to a new page
  • Administration:

Noteworthy Limitations

The following list describes noteworthy limitations you should be aware of in Structure Cloud. Some of these may change over time.

  • The maximum structure size is currently limited to 10k rows
  • The Search Inserter is currently limited to 1k issues
  • Extend Generators are currently limited to 20 levels
  • It is currently not possible to migrate structures from Structure for Jira Server or Jira Data Center 
  • Inline editing is not available for some fields (see above - see also Editing Issues)
  • IE is not a supported browser

Planned Improvements

For a full list of upcoming and planned changes, see the Structure Cloud Roadmap.

If you are a current or previous Structure for Jira Server, Data Center or Service Desk user, you may want to learn more about how Structure Cloud is different.

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