When the selected queue is not empty, the topmost issue from the queue is displayed in the Pocket Desk. 

At the top, the screen shows the SLAs defined for this issue. If there are multiple SLAs defined, you can scroll through them by swiping left and right.

The issue details show the Summary, Description, Reporter, Comments and Attachments for the issue.

Other fields are not currently shown in version 1.0. Do you need fields to be displayed, or have any other feature requests? Please write us at support@almworks.com

To view the full information about the issue, or to make any changes, click Export button at the top right corner and open the issue in browser.


When you're using Pocket Desk and the phone is connected to the Internet, Pocket Desk periodically synchronizes with the server to show you the issue with the latest changes. 

When JIRA server is not reachable or when you're using another application, Pocket Desk does not check with the server for updates.

Forcing an Update

You can force an update from the server by dowing pull-to-refresh. (Scroll to the top of the page and the pull it down quite a bit.)