The Notes column allows you to add arbitrary text to items in a structure, without having to create custom fields in Jira.

This is often used to store additional information about an item's status, which could then be used in a report - but how you use it is completely up to you and your business needs.

The values in the Notes columns areĀ per-structure, per-item. This means that:

The Notes column is great for leaving issue-level notes. For project-level notes, consider adding a Memo item to the structure.


Data stored in the Notes column is considered to be a property of the selected structure. That has the following effect on the permissions.

Who can view notes?

To be able to see the notes, the user needs to have:

Who can edit notes?

To be able to edit the notes, the user needs to have:

A user might have permission to edit notes, even if he or she does not have permission to edit the issue. By creating their own structure, a user can leave notes for issues they can't edit.