To support the offline work and reduce the volume of downloads from the server, Deskzilla works with the local database. All the information available in Deskzilla is taken from it.

To ensure the information in the local database is always up-to-date and has all the recent changes made in Bugzilla, Deskzilla regularly sends a request to the server to get the change log and if necessary downloads all the recent changes. By default this synchronization runs every 150 seconds (if there is a server connection).

Synchronization runs in the background and since the updates are done regularly, the amount of downloaded information is usually small and does not affect application performance. You can also run synchronization manually by clicking the Get Changes Now button on the application toolbar or pressing F5.

You can switch off the background synchronization for individual connections. This is especially useful for connections you do not currently use or do not use very often. You can switch off background synchronization and synchronize your bugs manually when necessary. This can save you some substantial time and internet traffic. To switch on/off the background synchronization right-click the desired connection and select On or Off option from the Get changes in Background menu.

When adding a new connection select only the products you are going to work with. This will reduce the local database size and time required for its update.