Clearing local database (and following reloading issues from server) may be required to optimize Deskzilla performance, or to reset local database that has invalid state.

When you clear the local database, you remove all issues and metadata downloaded from the server. Local tags, local changes and some other information is also removed.


Please make sure you have all your information backed up, as described below.

Upload all local changes

When database is cleared, all local changes are lost. So before proceeding, upload all changes you don't want to lose to the server. To do so, use menu Connection | Upload Changes and wait until Synchronizing... message in the status bar disappears.

Back up local tags

If you use Favorites or other local tags, and would like to keep them after database is cleared, you need to back them up. Export all the tags you would like to preserve using Local Tags Export and Import. You will need to import them back after database is cleared.

Back up workspace

This will make sure you will be able to run Deskzilla with the old workspace if anything goes wrong. See How to Backup Your Workspace.


To clear Deskzilla local database:

  1. Make sure you have uploaded local changes, backed up local tags and backed up workspace, as advised above.
  2. Stop Deskzilla if it is running.
  3. Locate workspace directory .
  4. Manually remove the following from the workspace directory:
    1. files items.db and items.db-journal, whichever are present;
    2. db sub-directory, if present;
    3. system and system2 sub-directories, whichever are present.
  5. Start Deskzilla.
  6. Run full synchronization using menu Connection | Reload Bugzilla Configuration. (The full synchronization may have started on its own - see the application status bar.)
  7. Run queries that you'd like to have downloaded to the local database.