All latest versions of Deskzilla (starting 2.0) support silent install. We use install4j as installer and the silent install command line will look like:

deskzilla-2_1.exe -q

Complete reference to installer command line options may be found here:

Once the installation is complete, you can also add the license key, so the user doesn't have to do it. This is done in two simple steps which can be scripted in a simple .bat file:

  1. Place license key file in the installation root folder
  2. Create a file called "" in the installation root folder with the following text:
    deskzilla.license=<the name of the license file>

You can also create your own script for silent installation. Deskzilla installer has only two really important functions: it unpacks and copies files. So you can install Deskzilla once, add the license key and a configuration file (as described above), then make a ZIP archive of the Deskzilla's installation folder, and when you need to deploy it on a PC, simply unpack it from the archive to the desired location. There are a few things to remember when installing this way:

  1. You won't get program group and shortcuts under "Start" menu.
  2. The fact that Deskzilla is installed will not be recognized by Deskzilla installer, if it is run on that computer later. (The installer won't suggest the same directory and won't check if Deskzilla is running, otherwise it's ok.)
  3. Use the full Deskzillat for Windows (which includes Java, in the "jre" folder in the installation root folder).