In Structure.Gantt, dependencies are defined based on Issue Links. Changing dependencies creates or removes links between issues (the link type is defined in the Gantt configuration).

Structure.Gantt supports Finish to Start, Start to Start, Finish to Finish and Start to Finish dependencies. 

Finish to Start Dependencies

Structure.Gantt uses Finish to Start dependencies by default. To enable other types of dependencies, see Gantt Configuration | Dependencies.

To create a Finish to Start dependency:

  1. Mouse over the task bar until a black circle appears to the right of the bar.
  2. Press the circle and drag your dependency line to the task you want to link to. Once you release the mouse button, the dependency (and the corresponding Jira link) is created.

If you have more than one link type associated with Finish to Start dependencies, you will be asked which link type you want to use.

You can use favorites to streamline the selection process:

See Dependencies for more information.

Other Dependency Types

To create other types of dependencies:

  1. Click the Link button  in the toolbar
  2. Select the Dependency Type
  3. Select the tasks you want to include in the dependency
  4. If you need to re-order the tasks, click swap
  5. Click Create Dependency

If you haven't configured a Dependency Type, you won't be able to select it in the New Dependency menu.

To configure dependency types, see Gantt Configuration | Dependencies.

Dependency Properties

To view the details of an existing dependency, click the link arrow connecting two tasks.

Deleting Dependencies

To delete a dependency, click the Remove link in the Dependency Properties panel. 

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