To add the Structure.Gantt gadget to a Jira Dashboard, click Dashboards  in the top menu and select the desired dashboard, or click Manage dashboards to create a new one (see Atlassian documentation for more details on how to manage dashboards).

Click the Add gadget button to display the "Add a gadget" dialog.

Click Load all gadgets to display a list of all available gadgets.

Type "Gantt" in the search field, locate the Gantt gadget and click the Add gadget button.

The Structure.Gantt gadget will be placed on your dashboard. Before your Gantt chart will appear there, you'll need to set your Gadget Configuration.

Gadget Configuration

When creating your Structure.Gantt gadget, you can set the following options:

Editing Configuration for an Existing Gadget

To change the configuration for an existing dashboard gadget, click the More Options icon "..." at the top-right of the gadget and select Edit.

Open the Gantt Chart from the Gadget

To edit or view the full Gantt chart, click the Open link at the bottom of the gadget.