Like many of you, ALM Works is experiencing a number of coronavirus-related disruptions to our normal routines. The new normal for ALM Works consists of:

For ALM Works, the shift to the new normal was not difficult. Nearly everyone here was already used to working from home or on the road from time to time. We want to reassure all of our customers, prospective customers, and partners that as far as you need to be concerned it is business as usual here at ALM Works.


ALM Works temporarily closed its Boston (HQ/Worldwide Business Operations) office on March 16th and our St. Petersburg (Development) office one day later, on March 17th. We asked all employees to work from home until further notice. Despite this change, all business operations of the company continue to function normally.

The company is financially stable and has sufficient cash reserves to help us weather any downturn in our business (should there be one). Moreover, based on previous experience with external market/business disruptions, we remain confident in the resilience of the Atlassian ecosystem. 

So far in 2020, Structure Cloud has been fully operational 99.85% of the time. We do not expect our office closures to have any negative impact on this statistic.

NOTE: The current status of Structure Cloud can always be viewed at

The office closures will not impact our Structure, Structure.Gantt, Structure.Pages or Structure.Testy customers and partners.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the ALM Works support team via our customer support portal or email.  In addition, our Solutions Engineering team, who are already used to providing remote training and consulting, is available. You can reach them via email as well. 

Finally, you can also learn more about the impact on Atlassian Marketplace Partners, as we see it, in our latest blog post.