Remote Queries folder in the Navigation Area shows the Saved Searches visible to your user account in Bugzilla.

If you've created a new Saved Search in Bugzilla and want Deskzilla to show it immediately, right-click the connection to this Bugzilla server and select Reload Bugzilla Configuration (or select this connection and press Ctrl+F5).

If you do not reload Bugzilla configuration manually, new saved searches will be loaded automatically during the daily configuration reload.

The main difference from the ordinary queries is that the only way to get the bugs returned by this query is actually running the query. This means that even though the query is ran automatically on a regular basis to get the updates, for some time the query results saved in the local database may not reflect the latest changes. In order to see the latest query results, close the query results bug table tab and run the query again.

Another limitation of Remote Queries is that you cannot create sub-queries under these queries.

Both limitations exist because there is no way for Deskzilla to obtain the Saved Searches criteria.