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All search results including the results of queries and quick search are displayed in bug tables.

Each table opens in a separate tab so you can switch between tables without re-opening them every time.

You can select which columns should be shown. To do that, click the Select Columns button next to the columns headers (or press CTRL + ]) and select the check-boxes next to the Fields and Flags you wish to see in the table.

Once you have added all desired columns you can reorder them in the table using drag-and-drop operation.

You can also sort the table rows clicking on the header of the column you wish to sort by. The table rows are sorted in ascending order first (indicated with "Up" arrow icon in the column header). Clicking the header again will sort the rows in descending order.

Table settings (sorting, selected columns and columns order) are saved individually for each query when the table (or the whole application) is closed.

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