Development and the sales of new licenses and renewals have been discontinued.

Deskzilla is now available in a free, unsupported and open-source version. Please find the details below.

Free Unsupported Version

We have created a free unsupported version  which has the same functionality as the latest commercial version. 

Source Code

We know there are quite a few talented enthusiasts using Deskzilla, so we have decided to make the project open source. You can find the source code and the build instructions in our Bitbucket repository


We’ll continue providing support for the licenses with active maintenance period and will do our best to fix critical bugs if they arise.

We understand that customers with active maintenance period would expect regular version updates and patch releases which we might not be able to provide, so we are ready to refund licenses and renewals purchased in May 2019 and later. Please contact us at if you wish to get a refund. 

User Manual