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To start working with Deskzilla it is necessary to configure a connection to a Bugzilla server. Create a new connection when running Deskzilla for the first time.

Creating New Connection

To create a new connection:

  1. Select New Bugzilla Connection from the Connection menu.
  2. In the New Connection Wizard specify the Bugzilla URL, user login and password.

    If anonymous access is selected, the application will work in read-only mode and you will not be able to modify any bugs or create new ones.

  3. Click the Advanced... button to configure the following parameters if necessary (in most cases there is no need to do this configuration):
    1. E-mail suffix. If your Bugzilla is configured to work with user names instead of e-mails you should specify the e-mail suffix used for your server configuration.
    2. Charset for interacting with Bugzilla over HTTP. This setting is only necessary for Bugzilla versions earlier than 3.0.
    3. Timezone. This setting is used for older versions of Bugzilla to specify the server timezone.
    4. HTTP Proxy
  4. After all required parameters are specified, click Next.
  5. If your login name is not an e-mail address and your Bugzilla is configured to use e-mail suffix, you are prompted to provide your e-mail suffix. If your Bugzilla does not use e-mail suffix, click Next to skip this step.
  6. Deskzilla will try to connect to your server. If there are connection problems, a notification with a possible reason will be shown (for example, "Invalid Username Or Password").
  7. If the connection is configured correctly, you are prompted to select the products you want to work with. Select the products and click Next.

    When adding products select only the necessary ones. This will reduce the local database size and ensure optimized application performance. For more information read the How to Optimize Deskzilla for Working With Many Bugs article.

  8. Specify the connection name and finish the connection configuration.

After the connection is configured Deskzilla will automatically download Bugzilla configuration (products, versions, etc) from the selected Bugzilla server.

Viewing, Modifying, and Removing Connections

To see connection settings, select Show Connection Info from the Connection menu.

To modify connection settings:

  1. Select Edit Connection Settings from the Connection menu or right-click the connection name in the Navigation Area and select Edit Connection Settings.
  2. Go through the same steps as described for a new connection creation.

To remove a connection, select Remove Connection from the Connection menu or right-click the connection name in the Navigation Area and select Remove Connection.