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Deskzilla allows to export bugs information to several formats including CSV, HTML, XML and PDF.

To export bugs information search for the bugs to export and click the Export button on the table toolbar. The Export dialog shows the current settings and allows to adjust them. In the Export dialog specify:

  1. Exported Attributes. Click the Exported Attributes... button and in the attributes dialog select and arrange bugs fields to include in the export. Use the Add and Remove buttons to modify the Selected Attributes list and the Up and Down buttons to arrange the attributes order. Click the Same as in Bugs Table button to use the same attributes as in the bugs table.
  2. Locale and formats. Click the Formats... button to set the locale and number and date formats. Select the locale and adjust the formats if necessary. You can select from the standard formats or specify your own custom format.
  3. Destination format and its settings:
    • Comma-separated file (CSV)
    • HTML
    • XML
    • PDF

CSV, HTML and XML files can be created in a temporary folder. In this case the file location is set automatically. If you want to create a file at some specific location, remove the check box selection and specify the location and file name.

You can use the Quick Export button to export files with the last used parameters.