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If there are flags defined on the Bugzilla server Deskzilla will download their settings with the rest of the configuration when a new connection is added and will display controls for working with flags. However, if you added flags on the server after the connection was added, you need to reload the configuration (press CTRL + F5 or select Connection | Reload Bugzilla Configuration).

To edit flags for a bug:

  1. Open the Edit Flags dialog by either selecting the bug in the Bugs Table and clicking the Edit Flags button on the Bug Toolbar or right-clicking the bug and selecting Edit Flags.

  2. If you want to add a new bug, in the Add Flags column on the right select the flag you wish to add and click the flag status (+, -, or ?). The newly added flag will be shown in the table.
  3. To change the flag status, click the desired status symbol (+, -, or ?) in the Status column.
  4. To modify the requestee, select the required value from the combo box in the Requestee column.
  5. To remove a flag click the Remove button in the Actions column.
  6. Click the Upload button to save changes locally and upload them to server or the Save Draft button to save them only locally.