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Below is a general overview of the Deskzilla main window.

Deskzilla window has the following main elements:

Main Menu

Main menu allows to access most of the application functions including search functions, connection configuration, time tracking, etc.

Application Toolbar

Application toolbar allows to access the most frequently used functions such as adding new bugs, synchronizing a local database, creating and running queries, creating distributions and accessing the time tracker.

Navigation Area

Navigation area allows to create and arrange a hierarchy of queries, distributions, and other elements to organize your work with bugs.

Quick Search

Quick search control allows to run a text search through the bugs of the currently selected query.

Bug Tables

All search results including the results of queries and quick search are displayed in tables. Use tab controls above the tables to switch between tables.

Table Toolbar

Table toolbar is shown when several bugs are selected. It allows to access functions available for the currently selected bugs.

Bug Details

Bug details area shows the detailed information on the currently selected bug.

Bug Toolbar

Bug toolbar allows to access functions available for the currently selected bug.

Status Bar

Status bar shows the number of bugs in the local database and synchronization status.