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This article applies to: Deskzilla 1.x-2.x
This article is written about Deskzilla, but it applies to JIRA Client as well.


You have Deskzilla installation and some queries, issues and configuration in its workspace. You'd like to continue working with the application on another computer, preserving all the data.


  1. Install Deskzilla on the new computer;
  2. Copy workspace directory with all its contents to the new computer (to locate the workspace directory, see Deskzilla Workspace  article);

    Compressing workspace directory to a ZIP file before moving will probably be more effective. The ZIP archive can then also be stored as a backup.

  3. Copy or move license key to the new computer; (not applicable to Lite versions)

    Please observe license restrictions. A single-user license may be used on different computers, but only by a single person. A team license must not be used by more people than its capacity. Exceeding license limit may result in application errors.

  4. Start Deskzilla on the new computer. Select license key file with Help | License Key menu, or when asked by the application.
  5. Done! In case you're not seeing your data, verify that Deskzilla uses the workspace directory that you copied the original workspace to. Try to locate Deskzilla Workspace  on the new computer and see if it contains the same files you copied.
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