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Sometimes your Bugzilla server is moved to another web address and a connection set up in Deskzilla no longer works. One solution is to drop the old connection and create a new one, using the new address of the server, but that will cost you your downloaded issues, local changes and local tags.

This article explains how to change the URL of an existing connection. Please do that only in case the server has been moved; never change the URL to an actually different Bugzilla that way.

First, you need to see what the new URL is - open Bugzilla in your browser and look at the address bar.


  1. Quit Deskzilla.
  2. Use Notepad or other text editor to open config.xml in your Deskzilla Workspace.
  3. Find the old server address (look for http:// or https://)
  4. Replace it with the new one
  5. Start the application

And that's it!

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