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You can modify a bug using the Edit Bug dialog. To edit a bug:

  1. Select the bug in the table and click the Edit Bug button on the Bug Toolbar (press F4) or right-click the bug and select Edit Bug,
  2. In the Edit Bug dialog modify the bug summary, description or any other parameters.
  3. Click the Attach File or Attach Screenshot buttons to add attachments or screenshots. See the Working With Attachments and Working With Screenshots sections for details.
  4. Click the Upload button if you want to upload changes to Bugzilla server immediately or click the Save Draft button to save them locally.

Another way to modify bugs is to use drag-and-drop function in the navigation area. For example, you have a distribution by Severity and you want to change the Severity value for a number of bugs. Instead of opening each bug for edit, you can select the desired bugs in the bug table and drag them to the required Severity sub-query in the distribution. The Severity value for selected bugs will be changed.

Some attributes can be changed from the Bug Toolbar:

  • CC List. Can be edited from the Edit Bug dialog or in a separate dialog which can be accessed by clicking the Edit CC List button on the Bug Toolbar.
  • Vote. Click the Vote button on the Bug Toolbar to vote for the bug. The vote icon will be displayed next to the bug in the Bug Table. To vote for several bugs at the same time, select the bugs and click the Vote button which appears in the Table Toolbar.
  • Advanced Voting. To use the advanced voting (allows you to add more than one vote and view other users votes) click the Advanced Voting button on the Bug Toolbar and add your votes in the dialog.