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Deskzilla allows to search for bugs by creating filters, which you can name, save and work with in the Navigation Area or by running Quick Search or Table Search. Below is the overview of these functions.

The navigation area allows you to organize bugs using the following tools:


Queries allow you to search for bugs which meet specific complex criteria, create named filters and arrange them in an hierarchy. See the Queries section for details.


Distributions work as sets of filters and are used to break down bugs by some field. For example, a distribution by status will show how many bugs exist for each status in the parent query of the distribution. See the Distributions section for details.

Tabular distributions

Tabular distributions allow breaking down bugs by two fields and set additional filters on the distribution results. See Tabular Distributions section for details.


Folder elements are used to group elements in the navigation area.


The tags feature allows creating personal tags and attaching them to bugs. You can select a tag in the navigation area and run it as a query to see bugs marked with this tag.


Outbox is a system folder displayed in the navigation area, which contains bugs that were changed, but not uploaded to Bugzilla server.

The same query or distribution can contain different bugs depending on its location in the navigation area. For example, Assigned To Me query will contain all bugs in the product assigned to me when its parent is the All Bugs query. When its parent is the Updated Today query, it will only contain the bugs that are both assigned to me and were updated today.

See the Organizing Queries section for details.

Apart from searching for bugs with queries you can use Quick Search and Table search:

  • Quick Search can be used to search for bugs by words or phrases. In this case the search runs within a currently selected query.
  • You can also use Quick Search to search by
    • Bug numbers. In this case the search runs within the currently selected connection.
    • Bug URLs. Based on the specified URL Deskzilla will first find the corresponding connection and then search for the particular bug. If there is no connection that matches the bug URL, Deskzilla will ask you if a new connection with this URL should be created automatically.
  • Table Search is used for searching for words or phrases in a selected bug table.

For details see the the Quick Search and Table Search sections.