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When a new connections is created all its queries are unsynchronized. When a query is ran for the first time Deskzilla runs it on the Bugzilla server and retrieves all the bugs the query contains from the server. After this is done a blue label next to the query shows the number of bugs it contains . Naturally, all sub-queries of the synchronized query are also synchronized.

It is recommended to run the All Bugs query when a new connection is added (if there are not more than 10,000 bugs in Bugzilla). It will take some time, but since it is the root query and contains all the bugs, once the process is finished all other queries will be synchronized as well and from that moment you will work with the local database only, which Deskzilla will keep continuously up-to-date.

If at some point Deskzilla detects that the query may not be up-to-date, the blue label with the number of bugs is removed. If you run the query in this situation Deskzilla will first show the bugs based on the local data and run the update process in the background.

If a connection is modified all its bugs and queries should be synchronized again, because the change of the user, for example, may affect the query results.

You can also view the query results in the browser. To do that, right-click the query and select Open Query in a Browser. Please note, that for technical reasons this function may return more bugs in the browser than there are in the query.

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  1. Remote Queries work differently and always require online connection.