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After you found a set of bugs you can further search for specific words of phrases in this set using the Table Search.

To search for words or phrases in a table:

  1. Select the table using the tab control.
  2. Press CTRL + SHIFT + F or select Search | Find in Table.
  3. In the table search control which opens specify text to search for.

  4. Select the required check boxes:
    1. Case Sensitive. Select this check box to run a case sensitive search.
    2. Regexp. This is an advanced-user feature which allows to use Perl-compatible regular expressions for the search. You can find more information on regular expressions here .
    3. Filter. When selected, the table will only show the bugs which contain the specified text value.
  5. Press Enter to see search results. The found text is highlighted with the green color.
  6. Use the Next and Previous arrow buttons to navigate between the found results,