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Time tracking feature allows to record time spent working on bugs, generate and modify timesheets and publish them to Bugzilla.

Every time you start working on a bug select this bug in the table and click the Work on Bug button on the bug toolbar or select Time | Work on Bug (press CTRL + G). The bug will be tagged with the special icon in the Bug Table and the time tracker window will appear.

The time tracker window shows the following information:

  • How much time was spent on the bug in total
  • The work status (working, paused, stopped). If the tracking is on, the Start Tracking button is selected and the window is colored green. If tracking is paused, both Start Tracking and Pause Tracking buttons are selected and the window is colored gray. If tracking is stopped, no buttons are selected and the window is colored red.
  • Time of the latest status change and time spent during the latest work period. These values can be adjusted if, for example, you forgot to turn on/off the time tracker or tracked time for the wrong bug. See the Adjusting Work Time section for details.
  • Remaining time. When tracking starts this value is taken from the bug Hours Left field if it is available. As you work on the bug the remaining time elapses. You can also manually adjust the remaining time by clicking the Remaining time label and setting the desired time. Once you publish this time record the Hours Left field of the bug is updated with the remaining time value.
  • Bug number and summary.
  • Comments for the current work period. In this field you can provide the comments which will be saved when the work is stopped or paused.

The buttons at the bottom of the window allow you to open the details for the bug you currently work on in a separate window ( ), view the bug online ( ), or open the Edit and Publish Time dialog ( ).

If you plan to stop working on a bug for a while and then resume your work, click the Pause button or select Time | Pause Tracking. Click the Start Tracking button to resume. If you provided any comments they will be saved and attached to this record in the timesheet.

If you finished working on the bug or you need to switch to another bug, click Stop. Your work record will be added to the timesheet. If you provided any comments they will be saved and attached to this record in the timesheet.

You can configure the time tracker to detect the periods when you do not use your computer and automatically pause the time tracking and adjust the time record. See the Time Tracking Configuration section for details.

You can only work on one bug at any moment of time, so if you are working on one bug and then run time tracking for another one, your work on the first bug will be automatically stopped.