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To support the offline work and make work with the server more efficient, Deskzilla works with the local database. This means that all changes made to bugs can be either saved locally only or both saved locally and uploaded to Bugzilla.

Most Deskzilla dialogs used for changing bugs provide two buttons - Save Draft (save changes locally) and Upload (upload changes to Bugzilla) or have the check box which allows to select if the changes should be uploaded to the server immediately.

All bugs which have local changes not uploaded to Bugzilla are marked with the special icon in the bug table and can be found in the special Outbox folder in the navigation area . Another way to see modified bugs is to click the icon and the number of modified bugs shown in the status bar at the bottom of the window .

Apart from these icons attached to the bugs, the modified bugs are treated by Deskzilla exactly the same as other bugs. New bugs have one more difference - they have no ID and URL assigned to them, until they are uploaded to Bugzilla.

For modified bugs you can discard all changes which were saved only locally and not uploaded to Bugzilla. For a new bug this operation will remove the bug, since it does not exist in Bugzilla. To discard changes, select the bugs in the bug table, right-click them and select Discard Changes.

Once you are ready to upload changes to Bugzilla you can click the Upload button on the application toolbar (press F6) to upload changes for all bugs at once or select the bugs you want to upload changes for in the bugs table, right-click them and select Upload (press SHIFT + F6).

You can also access the discard and upload functions from the bugs status bar at the bottom of the bug details area.