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If you have defined fields for the Start and Finish Dates in the configuration, you can adjust them by dragging a task to the desired location. You can also adjust them by changing Jira fields - either on the issue page or right in the structure if you have the columns with your date fields added. Once you schedule a task manually, there will be a visual indicator at the task side showing that:

Scheduling uses the following rules:

  • If neither Start nor Finish dates are defined, the task is scheduled automatically to start either at the project start date selected for this Gantt chart, or based on the existing dependencies. For example, if there is a Finish to Start dependency from another task, the task will be scheduled to start right after the task it depends on.
  • If you move such a task in the chart, the Start date value will be set accordingly and the task will be considered scheduled manually. If the Finish date is not set manually, it will be calculated based on the Start date and duration.
  • If you set the Finish date manually, the Start date will be calculated based on the Finish date and duration. If you move such a task, the Finish date will be adjusted accordingly.
  • If you set both Start and Finish dates for your task, the duration will be ignored. Moving such bar in the chart will change both the Start and Finish dates accordingly. To adjust the Finish date, hover over the right edge of the bar and once the mouse changes into the resize tool, click it and move to adjust the finish of the task.

As you set the Start/Finish Date, the task is considered to be scheduled manually, which means that it will stay at the defined position regardless of its dependencies. To switch back to the Automatic scheduling mode, click the task to see the details panel and toggle the Scheduling option to Auto. This will remove the Start/Finish Date value and place the task after the task it depends on or at the project start if no dependencies exist. Removing the value from Start/Finish Date field also switches the task to Auto Scheduling.

Scheduling Conflicts

Gantt сhart highlights existing scheduling conflicts. The conflict exists if a certain task is scheduled for the date that is earlier than its predecessor finish date. In such cases the task bar will be highlighted with a red line.

There are several ways to deal with a conflict. Click the task to show the details panel - the bottom of the panel will show the conflict details with several options:

  • Ignore. This will remove the highlighting from the task bar, but the conflict will stay and the conflict details will stay in the details panel.
  • Respect Link. Will change the task start date to coincide with the predecessor finish date. The task will stay in the Manual scheduling mode.
  • Auto Schedule. Will switch the task to the automatic scheduling mode. As a result the start date will be cleared and the task bar will be placed right after the predecessor task. You can get the same results by toggling the Scheduling mode in the details panel.

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