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This documentation relates to an older version 1.2 of the Structure.Gantt. Visit the current documentation home.

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Before users can add the Structure.Gantt gadget to Atlassian Confluence, specific configuration steps must be performed by the Confluence administrator.

To enable the Structure.Gantt gadget in Confluence:

  1. Connect your JIRA with your Confluence using Application Links
  2. Add the Structure.Gantt gadget to the list of External Gadgets:
    1. Go to your Jira dashboard, click Add gadget | JIRA | Load all gadgets
    2. Locate the Structure.Gantt gadget, click Show XML link and copy it
    3. Open Confluence and click Administration | General configuration | External Gadgets

    4. Paste the copied link in the "Gadget Specification URL" field and click Add

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