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JIRA Client performs periodical synchronization to keep your local database up-to-date. But sometimes you need to force full synchronization to update local database and issues metadata completely or when some problems have occurred.
To run full synchronization:

  1. Select File | Synchronize menu item, or press Ctrl + F5 (⌥ + ⌘ + F7), or navigate to the status bar and click the status link.
    Synchronization is started and a window opens.
  2. Wait while JIRA Client finishes synchronization process. If it finishes normally, Done message is displayed in the Synchronization State tab and Synchronized link - on the status bar (see Your First User Experience) respectively. If any problems occurred, navigate to the Problems tab and explore them in detail. To solve the synchronization problems, click the Resolve selected synchronization problem button or navigate to the problematic issue and, for example, resolve a conflict manually.

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