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To help us understand what is causing some specific problem, you can collect the detailed logs while reproducing the problem and send them to us.

To do it, please do the following:

  1. Switch on the Diagnostics Mode through the Tools menu.
  2. Reproduce the problem.
    1. If there is some error message, just wait for the message to appear.
    2. If you have some connectivity issues, try to repeat the action that's causing the problem.
    3. If you have incorrect data in the application, try using Right-Click | Reload JIRA Configuration on the connection icon in the navigation area and make sure you wait until synchronization finishes.
  3. Once the problem is reproduced, exit the Diagnostics Mode. You can do it either through the Tools menu, or by clicking Recording Diagnostics link at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Once you exit, an Explorer window will be shown with the logs folder selected.
  5. Add this folder to an archive and send it to us.
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