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The following instruction lets you collect information about Deskzilla / JIRA Client performance (performance profile) and send it to ALM Works for analysis.

The instruction is written for Deskzilla for convenience; the same applies to JIRA Client.

  1. Download profiling agent and scripts: (bundle for windows, if Deskzilla won't run, please try alternative bundle for x64 Java), (for linux).
  2. Unpack that file into "bin" directory under Deskzilla installation directory (on Windows default is C:\Program Files\Deskzilla\bin).
  3. Quit Deskzilla if it is running. Please use Bug | Exit (Issue | Exit in JIRA Client); if you click the window button, the client may stay resident if you have enabled Tools | Use System Tray.
  4. Change your current directory to "bin" and start Deskzilla with deskzilla_profile.bat ( on Linux) - it should launch Deskzilla in verbose mode with profiling enabled.

    About file permissions for the snapshots: on Windows, if you are collecting performance profile for "out of memory" problem, please start deskzilla_profile.bat from a command-line prompt that is run as Administrator. This is required because memory profile, unlike CPU profile, will be written to the directory where Deskzilla is installed, which usually requires Administrator privileges. To do that:

    1. Click on "Start" and type "cmd"
    2. Right-click on cmd.exe and select Run as Administrator
    3. In the command-line window, change current directory to where deskzilla_profile.bat is located: cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Deskzilla\bin
  5. Take a look at Help | About and record application's build number.
  6. Reproduce performance problems.
  7. Quit Deskzilla.
    • Performance profile should be saved under "Snapshots" directory in your home directory (C:\Users\\_username_\Snapshots or C:\Documents and Settings\\_username_\Snapshots on Windows, ~/Snapshots on Unix).
    • If you reproduced "Out of Memory" problems, a different type of snapshot should be saved in the current directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Deskzilla\bin), where you have started Deskzilla from (see also the note about permissions above). The file should be named java_pidNNNNN.hprof
  8. Create a ZIP archive from the snapshots and send it to Please make sure you mention build number.

If ZIP archive is too large for e-mail (10MB or more), please contact for FTP upload instructions.

  File Modified
ZIP Archive deskzilla_jiraclient_linux_profile.tar.gz Apr 17, 2012 by Dmitry Peshehonov
ZIP Archive Files to profile JiraClient 3 on Mac OS May 16, 2012 by Dmitry Peshehonov
ZIP Archive Sep 28, 2012 by Igor Baltiyskiy
ZIP Archive Sep 28, 2012 by Igor Baltiyskiy
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  1. How to profile on Mac OS

    1. Download archive
    2. Unpack the zip.
    3. Copy files:
      • from bin folder to "JIRA Cline/Contents/Resources/Java/bin"
      • from archive root to "JIRA Client"
    4. Run "JIRA Client/"