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The problem:

You need to send bugs (bug data & attachments) to somebody who does not have direct access to the Bugzilla server at all. Then you need to upload updates on bug status, comments, etc from this external party to Bugzilla.

In other words you need to setup a sync between a Bugzilla Database and a Deskzilla client on a file basis.


The solution will require a proxy person (P) with access to Bugzilla and installed Deskzilla, who will be exchanging data with the external user (U), who has no access to your Bugzilla, but has Deskzilla installed.

Below is the suggested workflow description:

  1. P configures Deskzilla and connects to Bugzilla using the account of U.
  2. After that, P creates and runs a query for all bugs U will be working with. For example, all bugs belonging to a particular project. Deskzilla can work with up to 10,000 bugs.
  3. P downloads all details for these bugs: Ctrl+A to select all bugs, then Right-Click | Download Details and Right-Click | Download Attachments to download all information and, if necessary, attachments.
  4. P closes Deskzilla and packs workspace directory to an archive. Sends the archive to U.
  5. U unpacks the archive to the workspace directory and runs Deskzilla.
  6. U runs the search, modifies the existing bugs, creates new bugs, etc.
  7. U exists Deskzilla, packs the workspace directory and sends the archive to P.
  8. P unpacks the archive to the workspace directory, runs Deskzilla, uploads all changes to Bugzilla, runs synchronization and downloads updates from Bugzilla.
  9. Go to step 4.

Naturally, P and U must not modify workspace simultaneously.

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