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All connections and queries are stored in the config.xml file located in the Workspace folder. For different reasons this file might get corrupted. In these cases the application uses its backup stored in the <workspace dir>\backup folder. The backups are created on every JIRA Client start. This mechanism usually works fine and prevents JIRA Client from starting with no data displayed.

If your JIRA Client starts with no records (like if it was a new installation), this most likely happens because the Workspace folder is inaccessible for some reason. The reasons may include:

  • Workspace is located on a network drive
  • There is a disk read error
  • The access to this folder is prohibited by security settings or by some program (antivirus, virus, some program which uses this folder and blocks access to it)

You can configure the application to use a specific location for the Workspace folder. When the application starts it tries to locate the Workspace checking your settings in the following order:

  • jiraclient.workspace parameter in the file, which is located in the installation folder. This file can be created automatically during the installation (the installer asks you for the Workspace folder location) or manually.
  • Command line parameter. You can specify the Workspace folder location as a parameter.
  • JIRACLIENT_WORKSPACE environment variable.

If none of these options is used, the default Workspace location is used:
%USERPROFILE%\.JIRAClient (for example, С:\Users%\USERNAME%\.JIRAClient).
Mind the dot before JIRAClient.

So if your JIRA Client keeps starting empty, please make sure JIRA Client always has read/write access to the Workspace folder.

If the problem persists with the default location for some reason, you can set a different location for the Workspace folder, which will be accessible 100% of time. Here are instructions on how to do that.

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