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Currently there are two different licensing options: the plugin Marketplace version and the older licensing scheme with license files. They have different licensing mechanisms and different pricing.

Marketplace Version

Now Jira Client is available on the Marketplace and we encourage new users to purchase the license through the Marketplace. There are several benefits that you get:

  • The marketplace license is much cheaper than the licenses sold through our old licensing scheme for the same number of users.
  • It has a simpler licensing mechanism – end users do not need to deal with the license files as before – the authentication is done through the plugin that administrator will need to install on the server.

This, however, adds several limitations in comparison to the old licensing scheme:

  • License should match the Jira license in the number of users
  • License will only work on one server (if you have several Jira servers, you will need several licenses). Any commercial license can be moved to another server if necessary or upgraded.
  • At the moment the Marketplace version doesn’t work with Jira OnDemand as Atlassian does not support third-party plugins for OnDemand Jira.

Marketplace version is sold by Atlassian. You can check the pricing and purchase the plugin here:

Non-Marketplace Version

For smaller groups working with large Jira servers we still offer Jira Client licenses through the old licensing scheme. The two important benefits are:

  • Licenses purchased like this can be used to connect to any number of Jira servers.
  • The number of Jira Client users doesn’t have to match the number of Jira users (it can also be different from Atlassian license tiers).

In this scenario each user will need to save a license file to the local disk and apply it.

This license you can purchase online through one of our electronic distributors or with a Net30 Purchase Order (as long as you pay via wire transfer and your PO doesn't contain additional terms and conditions).

Please check the pricing for the standard licenses here:

For the quote for a different number of users, please contact

At the top of page there is a table, illustrating the differences between two license types.

Maintenance and Renewals

As far as the maintenance period and renewals are concerned, they work the same for both options (and for most plugins for Atlassian products in general). When you purchase a license, it comes with a one-year maintenance and support period. This means you will have access to all the versions of the plugin that will be released during that year.

After the year ends, you can keep using the latest version available to you perpetually, but you will not be able to upgrade to newer versions unless you purchase a renewal. A renewal will extend your maintenance period for another year and thus, will give you access to the versions that will be released during that 12-month period.

Please note, that the renewal extends the maintenance period for one year starting from the end of the previous maintenance period regardless of the time you purchase the renewal. For example, if the maintenance period expires in February 2013 and you purchase the renewal in May 2013, the maintenance will be extended until February 2014, not May 2014.

The price for one-year renewals is half the license base price. Renewals for the Marketplace version can be purchased through Atlassian. Regarding renewals for non-Marketplace licenses please contact

Upgrades to More Users

Regarding upgrades for the Marketplace version, please contact Atlassian.

If you wish to upgrade the non-Marketplace team license, please contact for the quote and the link for purchasing the upgrade online.

For non-Marketplace licenses, upgrade price is calculated based on the per-user price of the target license, so depending on the number of additional users you purchase, you may get a discount in comparison to just purchasing a new license for these additional users.

Once you purchase the upgrade, we'll send you the new license file. The maintenance period of the resulting license will be calculated as the average of your existing license and the newly purchased licenses.

For any questions, please contact

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