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You may experience some problems working with issues, which have required fields or fields, which only accept certain values. This may be the result of the workflow actions upload mechanism implementation.

For example, when you make a workflow change – all changes within this workflow action are treated as one big change (including the field values changes). If you make two workflow changes without upload between them – they will be saved as two big changes, and once you start uploading them, at first JIRA Client will try to upload the first, and then the second.

So, if in the first workflow action you set field “X” to 1 and then in the second you set the same field to 2, once you start uploading, at first it will be set to 1 when the first workflow action will be uploaded, and then to 2, with the second. This is useful in some situations – for example, when you have no internet connection and need to do some complicated action – like moving a sub-task from one project to another. First you have to change issue type, then do the move, then change the issue type again – all these three actions will be done one by one once you try to upload them.

In some cases it may cause a problem. For example, you try to do the workflow action, but there is a problem there (missing or incorrect required field), so it doesn’t go through. Then you provide the missing (or correct) values and try to upload again. What happens, JIRA Client treats these actions as two successive changes. First it tries to upload the workflow action again with its own changes (and missing or incorrect values), which fails because the fields are missing. So it doesn't get to the second change, which has the correct values.

You can switch this mechanism off and make JIRA Client treat successive changes as one big change and only upload the latest values. To do that, you can add a parameter to the System Properties:


This parameter will also work for Move in the new version of JIRA Client.

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