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Pocket Desk product is being retired. Please read Product Retirement Notice.

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Pocket Desk is very easy to get running on your JIRA and on the mobile devices of the Service Desk team.

Installing Pocket Desk Connector

First you need to install Pocket Desk Connector add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Pocket Desk Connector provides licensing support and additional REST APIs that are required for the Pocket Desk mobile app to talk to your JIRA.

There are no configuration options, so just install the add-on, and Service Desk team can immediately connect!

It is assumed that you have JIRA Service Desk installed, since Pocket Desk provides mobile features for JIRA Service Desk users. If you upgrade or reinstall JIRA Service Desk, you might observe that Pocket Desk Connector plugin is disabled and may not enable. In this case, reinstall Pocket Desk Connector.

Installing Pocket Desk on iPhone

Pocket Desk app can be installed by the team members on their iPhone devices from Apple App Store. The app is free.

See User's Guide for the instructions about configuring and operating Pocket Desk.

Managing Auto-Selected Project and Queue

The current version of Pocket Desk pre-selects a single project and a single queue for each user. To change which queue and which project is shown, the user or JIRA administrator need to configure the user's access to other projects or probably rename Service Desk queues. See details in Selecting Service Desk and Queue.

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