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Pocket Desk product is being retired. Please read Product Retirement Notice.

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In order to help with resolution of support requests, we may ask you to send us a debug log.

To do this, you should enable collection of debug information on your iPhone, reproduce the problem related to the support request, and then send us the collected debug log.

Don't forget to switch off collection of debug information after you've finished.

1. Enable collection of debug information

To enable collection of debug information, enter Settings, scroll down and enter Pocket Desk and switch on the 'Collect debug information' slider.

Your phone will now collect debug information for Pocket Desk, and you can proceed to reproduce the problem.


2. Retrieve the debug log from your iPhone

To access the debug log, connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes on your computer and select your iPhone device from the top left menu.

Select Pocket Desk in the list of apps.


In the right hand pane you will see Pocket Desk Documents. Select the debug log and click 'Save to...' to save a copy on your computer.


Now you can send the debug log to our support team and disable collection of Pocket Desk debug information on your iPhone.

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