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Pocket Desk product is being retired. Please read Product Retirement Notice.

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PUSH notifications

When Pocket Desk is running on your phone and connected to a Service Desk, you will receive PUSH notifications of any changes made to the current request summary or description, new comments and attachments, as well as escalations and breaches of SLAs. These notifications will be displayed on the lock screen of your phone, and as notification dialogs on top of other applications.

Automatic updates

When Pocket Desk is running in the foreground, it will periodically poll Service Desk for updates to your current queue and current request.

If changes have been made to either the current request or current queue, the corresponding icons at the bottom of the screen will display update notification badges:

When Pocket Desk is running in the background, it does not poll the server for updates and only PUSH notifications will be received.

Forcing an Update

You can force an update from the server manually by scrolling to the top of the page, pulling down and releasing.

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