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The Agile Board Inserter allows you to add issues (epics or all other issue types) from an agile board.

Select options for the Agile Board Inserter

You can select from any Agile Boards that you have access to. Once you've chosen the Agile Board, select whether you want to insert epics or all other issues (stories, bugs, tasks, etc).

Want to add both? Select Insert epics now and add stories using the Stories Under Epics Extender.

Once you've made your selection, click ApplyThe inserter should now appear as a new row in your structure, with the added epics or issues placed below it.

Epics added to a structure using the Agile Board Inserter

If you want to include items from more than one Agile Board, you can add an additional Agile Board Inserter – or use the JQL/Text Inserter, which allows you to specify multiple projects using the 'OR' keyword.