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Documentation for Structure version 5.3 and patch releases. Version Index

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Views, which are associated with a structure, can be easily accessed from the Views Menu when that structure is used – they are always located in the Associated Views section of the menu.

Views are associated with a structure by a structure administrator (someone who has Control access level to it) on the on the Manage Structures page – see Customizing View Settings for details. Also, JIRA administrator may specify global default view settings, which define associated views for structures that don't have customized view settings.

When you look at a view in the View Details dialog, Associations tab lists all structures that have this view in their view settings. If you have Manage access level to some of those structures, you can quickly jump to View Settings page for those structures to change the settings.

View settings (associations between a view and a structure) are a property of the structure, not the view. The Associations tab on the View Details dialog is provided for convenience.