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The Work Logged column displays the sum of time spent on an issue over a specific period of time and, optionally, by a specific user, group or project role.

Customizing a Work Logged Column

Each Work Logged column can be customized to display precisely the information you need to see. Using the column configuration panel, you can select from one of the predefined time periods or specify a custom period. Additionally, you can choose to narrow the results to a particular user, group or project role.

Displaying Aggregate Values

The Work Logged column can also display aggregated values, calculated as the sum of time spent over sub-issues.

To display aggregated values: 

  • From the Add Columns menu, select Σ Worked Logged..., or
  • Starting from an existing Work Logged column, open the column configuration panel and select Sum over sub-issues

How is Work Logged Calculated?

Each time you log work on an issue, you have to define "Time Spent" and "Date Started" values. The Work Logged column summarizes the logged time spent over a selected time period.

The start of the selected period is calculated based on the column creator's time zone. This time zone can be configured on the user's profile page.

  • To view worked logged based on your own time zone, create your own instance of the Work Logged column.