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This documentation relates to an older version 2.10 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA. View the current documentation home.

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When you install a synchronizer on a structure, you make this structure automatically sync with something else. For example, after you have installed and enabled a Links Synchronizer, any changes someone makes to the structure will cause issue links to be created or deleted to match those changes. Or when you have installed and enabled Filter Synchronizer in Add mode, creating or changing an issue that causes it to pass the selected saved filter will cause this issue to be added to the structure.

When you install a synchronizer, you define its parameters. Those parameters can be edited later.

Please note that after a synchronizer is installed, it's not working yet - it must be Enabled to start monitoring the changes.

To install a new synchronizer:

  1. Open Manage Structure page using top navigation Structure menu.
  2. Find the structure you'd like to sync. The Sync With column shows currently installed synchronizers. Click on the Settings link in that column.

    If you don't see Settings link in the Sync With column, then you possibly don't have Control permissions on this structure.

  3. Synchronization settings page shows detailed information about each installed synchronizer and lets you work with them. To proceed with the installation of a new synchronizer, select the type of the synchronization and click Configure and Install Synchronizer.
  4. Enter synchronization parameters. Each synchronizer has its own parameters, please refer to the specific synchronizer documentation.

    If you're not acquainted with how this synchronizer works, please make sure to read the Rules section at the top of the page. Especially text in red.

  5. Press Create button and the synchronizer gets installed. However, it's not enabled yet.
    1. Before synchronization is enabled, you might want to run Resync to bring the current state of the structure and JIRA to the same page. In that case, press Resync and Enable button after the synchronization is installed, or later use the same link on the synchronization settings page.
    2. If you need to enable synchronization without resyncing first, press Enable without Resyncing.
    3. You can enable and resync the synchronizer later from the synchronization settings page. Press Done if you don't need to enable the newly installed synchronizer now.

 Import and Export are actually a one-time Resync. Export is resync from Structure and import is resync into Structure. If you need to run export or import periodically, you can set up a synchronizer with all the parameters but without enabling it - so no synchronization happens in the background. When you need to export or import, you can open Synchronization Settings page for the structure and run Resync. Just make sure you've selected the correct Resync direction!