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  • Structure 2.4.3 Release Notes

This documentation relates to an older version 2.4 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA. View the current documentation home.

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1 September 2013

Structure 2.4.3 adds workarounds for grayed out Sprint panel and occasional Chrome browser crashes.

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1. Patch Release

This is a patch release based on version 2.4.2. It provides the following fixes and workarounds:

Upgrade is recommended for all customers who have active maintenance subscription.

On Crashing Google Chrome

Some of our users that work primarily in Google Chrome browser have been frequently annoyed by the browser crashing (the Aw, Snap! screen). Although it happened only when Structure widget was used, the problem had nothing to do with Structure Plugin's code — a crash is a system failure in Google Chrome, much like a blue screen on Windows. It just happened that Structure's code was causing this Chrome's bug to surface.

We have been able to add some workarounds in the Structure plugin that reduce probability of Chrome's crashing in a specific part of our code. The benefit is that Chrome may crash less frequently when you upgrade to version 2.4.3.

At the same time, we had productive communications with Chromium project team, and Chrome Canary (version 31.0 or later) also includes a real fix for at least one of the problems that made Chrome crash. If you can upgrade Chrome to that version, it should be more stable.

2. Supported JIRA Versions

Structure 2.4.3 supports JIRA versions 5.0.1 – 6.0.x. There are two separate downloads: one for JIRA 5, another for JIRA 6.

We're about to stop supporting JIRA 5.0 and JIRA 5.1 as we move forward to support the upcoming JIRA 6.1. If you are using one of those versions, please consider upgrading Atlassian JIRA when possible.

3. Installation and Upgrade

Installation and upgrade are simple and done in the same way as for most other plugins. Please see Structure 2.4 Release Notes for details.