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  • Automatic Structure Maintenance

This documentation relates to an older version 2.8 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA. View the current documentation home.

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Automatic Structure Maintenance

Automatic Structure maintenance runs daily and performs Structure backup and Structure database optimization.

  • As structures, views, synchronizers are stored separately from JIRA data, they are not backed up with the usual automatic JIRA backup. Daily Structure backup is recommended as a part of your backup strategy.
  • Structure database optimization removes stale data from the database and may improve general JIRA responsiveness.

To configure automatic Structure maintenance:

  1. Navigate to Administration | Structure | Maintenance
  2. Click Configure Scheduled Maintenance
  3. If scheduled maintenance is disabled, click Enable scheduled maintenance
  4. Select time at which maintenance should run every day.

    The time is specified in the server's time zone, displayed near the time fields.

  5. Select tasks that scheduled maintenance should run.
  6. Configure additional task parameters, if any.
  7. Click Apply

By default, scheduled maintenance is enabled and set to run daily at 3 AM.

Automatic maintenance can be run only when Structure license is valid.

Maintenance Tasks

Backup Structure Data

Creates a backup of the Structure database in the export sub-directory under JIRA home.

Include history - if checked, full structure change history will be included in the backup

Delete Old Backups

A backup is considered old if it's not among X latest backups (X is specified by the first parameter of this task) and it was made earlier than Y days ago (Y is specified by the second parameter). This task removes all such backups made by the Backup task.

Always keep X latest backups
Always keep backups made during last Y days

Optimize Favorites

If a user marks a structure as their favorite, Structure plugin will keep this mark even if the user is later deleted from JIRA. Popularity number of the structure will also account for this user. This task removes marks made by users no longer in JIRA and recounts structure popularity.

Optimize Structures

If an issue is added to a structure and then deleted from JIRA, that structure will still contain a reference to this issue (although it will not display it). This task removes references to deleted issues from structures.

Optimize View Settings

If a view is deleted, some structure view settings may still reference it, and a blank view named ? (Unknown View) will be shown in its place. This task removes references to the deleted views.

Optimize Synchronizers

Sometimes Structure may keep data related to synchronizers of a structure which was already deleted. This task removes such data.

Reindex Change History

If a user makes a big change in a structure with a single action (say, moves an issue with 500 sub-issues), this change might not be shown in any Structure Activity Stream that is filtered by issues or projects. This task brings such changes back into these streams.

Optimize Structure Perspectives

Removes old perspectives that haven't been used by anyone for a certain amount of time.


Running Maintenance Tasks Manually

You can run specific maintenance tasks at any time.

To run maintenance manually:

  1. Navigate to Administration | Structure | Maintenance
  2. Navigate to Run Maintenance Now section
  3. Select tasks to run.
  4. Configure additional task parameters, if any.
  5. Click Run Maintenance Now

Running maintenance manually does not affect automatic maintenance settings or schedule.