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Sub-Tasks Synchronizer lets you have sub-tasks automatically placed under their respective parent issues in the structure.

This synchronizer is available only when Sub-Tasks are enabled in your JIRA and you have at least one Sub-task issue type defined.

Sub-Tasks Synchronizer Parameters

You can select which sub-task issue types the synchronizer works with. Issues of other issue types will not be affected.

This synchronizer supports only Import / Resync into Structure (more about resync).

Sub-Tasks Synchronizer Rules
  • When there's a sub-task (of one of the selected types) and its parent issue is in the structure, the sub-task is also added to the structure and placed under its parent task.
  • The parent issue must be in the structure already - the synchronizer does not add parent AND sub-task, neither does it add parent for the sub-tasks already added.

    You can add parent issues to structure manually, or use Saved Filter synchronization to add parent issues (and probably sub-tasks) automatically.

  • If a sub-task is already in the structure, and is located under a different parent (or at the top level), it will be moved under its subtask parent (with all sub-issues that it may have).
  • Changes in structure are not synced back to sub-tasks: if you place an issue under another issue, it will not become a sub-task.
    • If you move a sub-task away from its parent task, it will soon be moved back by the synchronizer.