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This documentation relates to an older version 4.1 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA. Visit the current documentation home.

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To find a specific structure, use Structure | Manage Structures menu and select Search tab.


Finding Structures by Name, Access Level or Owner

To search for structures by their properties:

  1. Enter any of the search parameters. Parameters are:


    Only structures that contain the specified text in their name will be shown. You can use a part of the word that you know should be in the structure's name.


    Only structures that are owned by the specified user will be shown.

    Permission Level

    Lets you select the structures that you can Edit or Control, according to the selected permissions level. (For example, if you select Edit permission level, you will see all structures that you can edit and control, but you will not see structures that you can only view.)

  2. Click Search. If no parameters were specified, all structures visible to you will be shown.

You can search by structure owner only if you have the permission to browse users.

Finding a Structure by Its ID

To perform a search by structure's numeric ID:

  • Click Search by the structure ID tab.
  • Enter the structure ID. (It must be a number.)
  • Click Search. If there's a structure which has the specified ID and you have the permission to view it, it will be shown.