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This documentation relates to an older version 4.1 of the Structure Plugin for JIRA. Visit the current documentation home.

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Instead of using drag-and-drop function to move items within a structure, you can use the cut/paste feature. This is especially convenient, if you have a large structure and, for example, need to move some items from the top of the structure to the bottom or the other way around.


First add the desired items to the clipboard:

  1. Select the items you want to cut. Either select a single item, or use multiple selection.
  2. Click the Cut button on the structure toolbar (or press Ctrl+x or Command+x).
  3. Selected items will be added into the clipboard and marked with a small scissors icon.

The cut issues are not removed from the structure until you paste them to a new location.

If the cut issue contains sub-issues, these sub-issues are cut with their parent.


After you have cut the issues, you can now paste them back to any place in the structure:

  1. If want to see the Clipboard panel, you can open it in the secondary panel. However, this is not necessary to use the Cut/Paste function.
  2. In the structure select the item after which the items from the clipboard should be placed.
  3. Either click Paste button on the toolbar (or press Ctrl+v or Command+v) to place the items after the selected item at the same indentation level, or press Ctrl+Shift+v (or Command+Shift+v on Mac) to place the items under the selected item (as the children).

If the cut item contains sub-items, these sub-item are pasted with their parent.

After Paste the clipboard is cleared.

The Paste operation can be undone.